Sunday, 30 May 2010


Exit Interview, Part One.
Therapist: I'm glad you've had some good news. There are a few things I need to know. I appreciate you answering my questions. This exit interview will be conducted in the strictest doctor/patient confidence. First, tell me about Emily.

Ashley: Emily was an expert in Roman coins. Like most areas of art and artifacts, there's the academic side with museums, galleries, and educational events for the wee ones, but there's also an underside of forgeries, fakes, and theft. Emily was asked to evaluate coins by all sorts of people and the line between the educational and the black market was often a blur. She was aware of this occupational hazard and we often used to joke about it. That's why I called her 'Emily Blur', just to take the piss.

Over a period of a few months she was hired to evaluate huge collections and she sussed there was a massive organised group involved in theft and forgeries, not just in London, but throughout the world. As her expertise proved valuable to them, she was made an offer to work for this group exclusively. She understood that refusing would not be in her best interests. Of course, she never considered their offer, but how could she safely get out? We decided she had to tell the authorities everything she knew.

Emily was afraid her situation would cause me and my work great harm. She arranged to disappear after giving evidence to the police. She didn't tell me, or anyone, she was leaving. I guess she thought the less I knew, the safer I would be. But I was afraid her disappearance had something to do with me, which is why I told everything to Nicola, Silvia, and Victoria.

Therapist: Okay. but why did you think Emily's disappearance had anything to do with you? What kind of work do you do?

Ashley: They call me The Archive.

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