Thursday, 3 June 2010


That Day Is Done
Nicola: I can't get my head around it. You were sacked?
Ashley: It's a shock. But now I've had some time to think it through.
Ashley: We have to let go and trust the unwritten future. The vision my dad and Uncle Neil had was brilliant in its day, but that day is done. The music will be remembered and beyond that, who cares?
Nicola: I thought you cared. Very much.
Ashley: There are other things to care about. Like the song says...uh, wait for it...bloody hell! Over 200 Beatle songs and I can't remember a lyric when I really need one. I guess I'm already losing my powers.
Nicola: What about "the Ukraine girls really knock me out"?
Ashley: Oh yeah! It's good to have a laugh. You always knew just what I needed.
Nicola: And still every time is like the first.

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